We don’t just buy or sell …

having partners on all around the globe,

we provide you with a solution of your problem

we import

Your only task is to receive desired goods in your warehouse!

We export

In addition to the goods that we produce in our own enterprises and successfully export, with which you can read on the relevant sites, we can also

out export specially for you and instead of you!

You may want to buy something in Ukraine?

We will find any goods (grain, food, raw materials, equipment, machine parts, machinery) from reliable, responsible, checked on our own more than 25 years’ experience partners and offer you the best, affordable price.

And again, your only task is

to take the goods in the warehouse, does not matter which country would it be.

The first private export-import company in the region

After the company was founded in 1992, its first capital has been earned by the export-import operations on the territory of post-soviet countries.

And now we own

3 industrial production companies
with a total staff of about 300 people.